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Donate to Innerbloom

Help our valley grow and flourish

We hope you enjoyed your visit at Innerbloom Fitness. If you would like to give back to this beautiful location, we are now accepting donations which will directly go towards supporting the beauty, health and accessibility of the surroundings. 

At Innerbloom Fitness, we are dedicated to creating a vibrant outdoor space for our visitors to enjoy nature, relaxation, and fitness activities. Your generous donations help us maintain and develop our venue, including the upkeep of outdoor plants and the enhancement of our facilities.

How your donations helps:

  • Maintaining and nurturing our outdoor plant and wildlife. 

  • Improving amenities to enjoy the landscape i.e. pathways and seating areas

These donations go directly to funding these projects with the primary focus of improving the land. 

How to donate:

Bank Transfer
You can make a donation directly to our bank account using the following details.
Bank Name: LLoyds Bank
Account Number: 35734763
Sort Code: 30-98-97

Please use "VALLEY" in the reference field when making your transfer. 

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